Turn up the colour on eyes, cheeks and lips for festive glam

Turn up the colour on eyes, cheeks and lips for festive glam

Go wild this Christmas with a sugar rush of colour. Plus, skincare for stress and a moisturiser that targets dry patches

Two models wearing bright-coloured make-up on eyes, cheeks and lips
‘Either apply the same wash of colour across eyes, cheeks and lips or go kaleidoscopic.’ Photograph: Jason Lloyd-Evans

We need mood boosters like never before, hence I am all over this sugar rush of colour, as seen at Rixo SS20. There is nothing reticent about it, so approach it with wild abandon. Yes, I’m encouraging you to go hard, because why bother going home? Surely by now you must be fed up with both your literal and metaphorical four walls. So either apply the same wash of colour across eyes, cheeks and lips – pinks work best for this – or go completely kaleidoscopic. Yes, it’s a different run-up to Christmas, but let’s get our joy where we can.

1. Laura Mercier Opening Night Cheek Palette £46, spacenk.com
2. Chanel Rouge Allure Intense Lip Colour
£35, johnlewis.com
3. Dior Glow Face Palette in Pure Gold
£36, dior.com
4. Lancôme La Rose Eyeshadow Palette
£45, lancome.co.uk

I can’t do without… a moisturiser that’s clever enough to target dry patches

Multitasking products make total sense to me – especially now that the formulations are becoming increasingly innovative. It is wonderful to have a cleanser that also targets your blemishes, or a body lotion that also works as an exfoliator, or a sunscreen that also treats your hyperpigmentation. I can’t complain about that. But sometimes I would like a product that does one thing and does that one thing incredibly well. The area where I find things lacking is under the moisturiser category. Consider the number of moisturisers on the market. Huge. But the percentage that don’t deliver on what they promise, ie basic but efficacious hydration, is alarming. This one, by U Beauty, however, is brilliant. And no, it is not exaggerating by calling itself super smart. The lack of hydration in our skin is not uniform; some bits are more parched than others. So what this does is distribute hydration across the skin according to how much each area needs. Then it takes that advanced, soon-to-be-patented creamy but non-greasy formulation right down to the deepest levels of the skin and keeps hydrating it for 48 hours afterwards. The result is plumper, healthier and happier-looking skin. And if you’ve been mainlining on acids or have had a peel and your skin barrier feels compromised, this works wonders. I am no formulator, but I think this is how you do a good moisturiser. U Beauty Super Smart Hydrator £65 theubeauty.co.uk

On my radar: treatments for stress, wrinkles and dehydration

Best of both worlds A skincare product that resurfaces while also rehydrating sounds like an oxymoron, but that’s exactly what this jelly-textured mask does. And it does it quickly. Lixir Peel Express, £31, libertylondon.com

Rollercoaster The demand for skincare gadgets is on a high. This microneedling roller (and serum) targets wrinkles, scarring and dullness. It’s one of the best. Sarah Chapman Skinesis Meso-melt Infusion System, £138, sarahchapman.com

More than skin deep This scientifically proven anti-stress serum helps to regulate our inner response to stress while also treating the impact that stress has on the skin. De Mamiel First Fix Stress Response Serum, £130, demamiel.com

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